One Small Change

Recently, Loving Earth had an amazing competition running called One Small Change. The concept was about small positive changes: "Something you started doing, or stopped doing. It could be to do with food, or exercise, or relaxation…anything which initiated a positive change. The key word is “small” – this isn’t something that requires a dramatic reorganisation of your life, but rather something small with happy results. What will your one small change be…?".
I loved this idea and decided to get involved, I happily won myself a voucher (which I spent almost all of on their delicious raw vegan chocolate) and managed to get my One Small Change story posted on their blog. Here it is:

I am an all round creator, with a passion for nourishing cruelty-free foods, the arts, music and the environment. Through the past five years of my life I have gradually made many changes to my diet and lifestyle that have managed to amplify my feeling of belonging in this world.

I had made the move from school straight to University and my diet was horrible, along with my sense of awareness. It took time, but small things began to change, such as meeting inspirational people who awoke something within me, realizing how awful I felt in the gut and the mind (day in day out) and discovering that my diet was the main cause. I was already passionate about cooking from a young age, but I had no idea that the meals I was making weren’t nourishing my body. I researched, watched documentaries, read food blogs, taught myself as much as possible so that I could feel comfortable in my own body again.

I look back on the transformation I have undertaken and I get a sense of warmth. I am thankful to myself for waking up, changing the way I treated by body and my mind. I now focus my time on looking after myself, and saving the planet because I believe it's possible. I can now say that I love what I do and I do what I love. I have travelled a long road of transformation and I have not yet reached the end, it is a life journey indeed.

Small changes over a period of time work wonders; I hope One Small Change manages to reach many people who need positive change in their life.

Unfortunately, the competitions are now over. However if you haven't already heard of Loving Earth, you should definitely jump on their website and have a browse, they have amazing raw vegan products available.

Love elsie x