Bamboo Buddha - Holgate


I managed to find the time to catch up with my lovely friend Amelia last week, whilst visiting my hometown. Looking for vegan friendly places around the Central Coast can sometimes be more trouble than it's worth - so I usually end up at the same few places that I know will always cater for me. One of these lovely cruelty-free friendly places is a beautiful vegetarian tea garden/cafe called Bamboo Buddha. Located on Wattle Tree Road in Holgate surrounded by greenery, there is no nicer place to spend the day catching up with an old friend.


Most of the items on the menu are vegetarian so there are eggs and dairy involved in a lot of the recipes - however they have incredibly friendly, helpful staff and are generally happy to make most of the items at hand to your requirements. I ordered a Buddha Burger (open lentil burger) without the sour cream, and a fresh ginger/celery/carrot/apple juice. I also highly recommend the coffee (it's organic) and the soy chai. It is also a pet friendly cafe so you can bring along your dog, and whilst you're there you can organise a tarot reading!

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