I recently came home to a package of beautiful organic products from Kosmea the Australian natural skincare company. Kosmea began focusing on the amazing healing properties of organic rosehip oil for our skin. Their focus is on natural skincare ‘AS NATURE INTENDED’ which I just love to hear, the products are created using the finest herbal, plant and flower extracts.

Is Kosmea Vegan?All of Kosmea’s products are Vegan other than: Rescue Balm (as it contains beeswax) and none of their products are tested on animals. They also have no artificial colours, fragrances, or petrochemicals.

The product I was mostly excited to get my hands on was the Certified Organic Rosehip oil. This stuff is liquid gold! Its so beautiful on the skin, all you need is a couple of droplets massaged into your face after a shower each morning and night. Rosehip oil is used on the skin for its essential fatty acid content, along with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. I immediately felt the change in texture; my skin was soft, silky and smooth. It’s been proven to smooth wrinkles, even out skin tone, reduce scars, and balance oily skin along with moisturizing and soothing dry skin. It is the perfect product for these ridiculously cold months in Australia, give it a go – I highly recommend it.

I also received some lovely rosewater face mist which smells literally like roses! It’s such a calming, uplifting scent, I love love love it. I have been using it daily, whenever my face feels dry or my mood is dull. You know the product is going to be amazing when the label reads “made with a thousand delicately distilled rose petals” amazing.

The face wipes are also wonderful. You’re probably all thinking, “face wipes? We all know where to buy those”, but I assure you, these ones are so damn soft and delicate you won’t turn back after trying them out – plus they’re organic and cruelty free! There is even rosehip oil in these cleansing wipes! Along with aloe vera, geranium and rosewood oil.

Honestly, what is a review without actually testing a product? If you don’t believe me you’ll have to see for yourself. I’ll just leave their website here and you can do as you please…….


Love elsie xx