Luminance Skincare

Even though Natural Beauty Week is over, it is still incredibly important to continue raising awareness about the problematic beauty industry we are continually being bombarded by. The beauty industry promotes not only horrible animal cruelty, but also items containing toxic substances and chemicals which women all over the world are rubbing into their skin day in, day out. This is a terrible thing to see, though all we can do is promote the brands we see fit and continue to spread the awareness that is needed. 

We were recently contacted by the lovely folk at Luminance Skincare, and we were highly impressed! The ingredients are all natural, the packing is simple and humble, it's handmade, not tested on animals, vegan and cruelty free. This is what we want to see from the beauty industry - and while that may not happen as quick as we would like, we can at least choose not to take part in it. We suggest you opt for small, natural, cruelty free skincare and beauty businesses like luminance. 

The Sweet Marzipan soap is divine, the smell is so indescribable but addictive. The face cleanser is filled with wonderful natural ingredients and it washes so wonderfully, leaving your face feeling revitalised. We have been following with a spritz of the rosewater face toner, some nourishing serum and then a lavishing of the creamy moisturiser. Consider this a highly recommended routine from us here at The Lush Scoop, especially for those who are constantly in the murky city soaking up all of that grime. If you can get your hands on some of these products you will not be disappointed!

Luminance Skincare is based in Calafornia, though they do ship to Australia. We recommend you buy with some friends to save on shipping. To read more or grab yourself some of these lovely products, visit:

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