Juicing is all the rage in this day and age. Everyone you talk to mentions their morning juice, smoothie or their plan to start consuming more of them. There are hundreds of different brands of juice on the market these days, flooding the supermarkets and filling the fridges of every cafe. Though what many people don't realise is that the majority of these juices are pasteurised at a high heat which prevents the juice from going bad for a long period of time leaving them time to sell their stock. This also means that the nutritional content of the ingredients is wiped out leaving us with a blander version of itself lacking the nutritional benefits.The most beneficial form of juicing is through cold-pressing the ingredients.

The guys at GREEN PRESS have created a juice line which focuses on the nutritional benefits.  Their flavour combinations are down-pat and their juices are all wonderfully cold-pressed, leaving you with the highest content of vitamins and minerals available (3-5X the amount than using traditional methods of juicing). Not only that, but they are packaged in glass bottles rather than horrible plastic, leaving the juice colder for longer and encouraging re-using rather than wastage. Oh, and they will give you 50c for every glass bottle returned to GREEN PRESS.

We were lucky enough to taste the range of GREEN PRESS juices & nut milks, and they were delicious!! We literally drank them all in on afternoon. The Kale/Spinach/Cucumber juice and the Cayenne Pepper/Tumeric/Carrot elixir have a serious healthy punch which we love. Though our favourites were the nut milks, they are so dreamy-creamy and lush - an amazing afternoon pick me up!

GREEN PRESS are located on Little Collins St in Melbourne, Australia. They are open from 7:30-4pm Monday - Friday and Saturday 7:30-3pm. We highly recommend you drop in for a juice, or our favourite - one of their amazing nut milk blends. Or visit their WEBSITE for more information.

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