Let us start by telling you all some wonderful news - we have officially completed our crowd-funding for issue one and finished up with an incredible 136% of the funding that we needed. This is fantastic news as The Lush Scoop magazine will be sent off to print very soon and available to purchase on our website.

Moving on to the purpose of this post; have you ever dreamed of having an array of vegan goodies packaged up all cute and sent to your doorstep from a generous pen-pal? Well the beautiful Hannah over at The Vegan Box has created a company that does exactly that! Hannah is an animal-loving, vegan naturopath that searches far and wide for an array of vegan goodies to create monthly packages for subscribers. We think it is simply the most wonderful idea.

The Lush Scoop were lucky enough to have the August box shipped over from Melbourne and we were thrilled when it arrived. Containing a spread of vegan things including household products, food & drink items. Some of our favourites were the RAW REV delicious raw food bar, the RAW PROTEIN vanilla blueberry bar, the incredible ECOMAX 100% natural kitchen scrubber which you can actually throw onto your compost once you're finished as the whole thing (other than the wire) decomposes! Amazing. The wild berry fruit snacks were DELICIOUS too; They have this incredibly gummy texture (nothing like that horrible plastic-y gummy bear texture) and the flavour was delicious! 

Our favourite product hands down was the Kale sprinkles!! Now if you're totally kale chip crazy like we are, you will know about the seemingly inevitable lump of kale crumbs at the bottom of every bag. We have been sprinkling these puny crumblings onto our salads, sandwiches and soups since our very first encounter with the almighty kale chip. What an idea! To make a product out of an accident - we love it! It reminds us of that episode of Seinfeld - you know the one; where Elaine only eats the muffin tops.

"Oh yeah. It's the best part. It's crunchy, it's explosive, it's where the muffin breaks free of the pan and sort of (makes hand motions) does it's own thing. I'll tell you. That's a million dollor idea right there. Just sell the tops. " - Elaine Benes

Well Kale sprinkles, you've also got a million dollar idea. No more accidental kale crumbs in the bottom of the bag - because the whole bag IS sprinkles!! Genius. While we're at it, The Vegan box is also a million dollar idea. With such an exciting bunch of vegan goodies The Vegan Box is selling out each and every month.

As we always say, don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself! You can order next months box HERE.

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