Here at The Lush Scoop we are guilty of loving our coffee. Everyday we look forward to the buzz and drive that it gives us to jump into our daily tasks and create something spectacular. In the afternoons we fight with our own minds to have that second fix and we generally give in. That afternoon boost helps us to continue on with our work and squeeze every possibility out of our day. 

In saying all of that, we are well aware that if coffee is going to be consumed - it must be as pure and clean as possible. We were delighted to find out about First Press who select only the finest beans for their blends and use the cold drip method of extracting the good-stuff. Cold-drip is simply created using cold water & gravity, coffee in its purest form - with reduced acidity. This method leaves the final product tasting much more pleasing, and easier on the digestive system.

"First Press Coffee gives you the best of both worlds, the benefits of caffeine on your mental alertness and physical performance without the shakes and crashes most typically get from hot coffee due to our cold extraction process."

We tasted the HONDURAS & BRAZIL, both were incredibly delicious - though HONDURAS was our number one. Drink them over ice as is, or with a dash of nut milk & ice for a creamy afternoon treat.

Check out their WEBSITE for more information. Available for delivery in Melbourne, or look up their stockists for other locations.

Amy SinclairComment