When looking at incorporating a new beauty product into our regime, I generally refer to these guidelines before making any purchases:

1. Must be 100% vegan + cruelty free
2. Natural ingredients + free from nasty chemicals. 
3. Ethically sourced + fair trade.
4. Sustainable + environmentally friendly. 

I discovered Atom Boutique during a heavy Instagram binge and was immediately drawn to their account thanks to the beautiful, minimalistic design approach. Upon further inspection I found that their products are in fact 100% vegan, and made from natural ingredients – so it was clearly inevitable that I would be using their products before too long. 

Fast forward two weeks and I receive this incredibly perfect package on our doorstep. I have so much appreciation for the time and effort that has gone into the design and packaging of their products, each item is beautifully stored in its own shiny vessel – though it truly is what's inside that counts, and I was not disappointed!

Atom currently specialise in ancient Moroccan beauty rituals, particularly Moroccan Argan oil – which can be used for many different ailments and enhancements. The oil can be used as a facial/body moisturiser, acne/scar treatment, leave in hair conditioner, overnight hair treatment, body/bath oil, heel and cuticle softener, baby skincare, aftershave, used for eczema, cradle-cap and much more. I like to use it before bed each night as a facial moisturizer, and straight after washing off my clay mask once a week. 

The Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask is one of the best face masks I have come across. It's so pure, works deep into your pores and feels totally rejuvenating. It has a pore minimizing effect, and super healing, anti-ageing qualities. This powder is organically mined from deep within the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is known to effectively draw excess oil, toxins, and impurities from the skin improving clarity and elasticity. It becomes obvious after using this product that these effects ring true. 


Atom Bouqitue has clearly won me over, and I'm sure you're going to love it too. To purchase some of their Moroccan goods – head to the website

Amy SinclairComment