We are so pleased to be reviewing BAOBAB as our very first product of the year, an exciting superfood brimming with readily available nutrients. As we all know super foods go in and out of popularity as frequently as fad diets - but we have a feeling this one might stay longer than some of its foregoers. 

Unlike other super foods, baobab (pronounced: BEY-oh-bab) powder dehydrates naturally inside the fruit on the tree. The fallen fruit is then cracked open and the powder is separated from the pulp and sieved. This means that baobab is RAW and UNPROCESSED - no nutrients are lost and the powder remains in its natural form!

This African super food has been consumed for its flavour and health benefits for years, containing 2X the calcium content of milk, 4X the potassium of bananas, 5X the magnesium of avocados, 2X the antioxidants of acai, 10X the dietary fibre of apples and 6X the vitamin C of oranges! This stuff is great for your digestion, immune support, hydration, skin health and it's energy boosting. 

All that being said, some of you may be wondering 'what about the ethical impact of harvesting an african super food?'. Well, it gets even better! With each seasonal harvest (once per year) the quota of the crop remains within the villages for their own use. There are regulations in place to maintain ethical trade as by Phytotrade Africa (ethical & sustainable body). The wild fruit is harvested by communities that have the baobab tree growing naturally within their land, there are no orchards or plantations. The wild harvest approach ensures minimal negative impact on the environment because this practice maintains the natural biodiversity of the land. These wild harvest methods also ensure pesticide and insecticide free fruit.

The local people recieve an income from the harvesting of baobab fruit which can often change their lives. This can help with community food and water supply, health, education, housing and start-up capital for small household income generating activities.

“Baobab gives us hope, hope for the prosperous future of our community, and hope for our forests”.

Now what can you do with this stuff once you get your hands on some? Well, we love to add it to our smoothies along with cashew and coconut creams (dessert-wise), raw food slices, vegan cheesecakes and bliss balls. Though you can also add it to water, tea, salads, juices, anything you like to be honest!

Here is the recipe for our favourite afternoon smoothie  pick-me-up ft. the brilliant baobab powder.


  • 3 frozen bananas
  • 1 Tbs cacao powder
  • 1 Tbs baobab powder
  • 4 medjool dates
  • 2 cups homemade almond mylk


Whaz it all up in a blender, pour and drink!!

To read a bit more about the incredible BAOBAB powder, visit their WEBSITE & keep your eye out for issue 02 as we will be including a baobab giveaway!

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