The day I stumbled across Bonnita Gillard’s work was a day of true awakening. I was particularly drawn to her painting variations of Hybrid mother with child; the raw nature portrayed is beautiful. Her depiction of Hybrid creatures is marvelously absorbing and fascinating. I admire her views and I’m pleased to be sharing with you a little part of her life to gain insight into her world.

1. Tell us about your background/history?

I grew up in a very creative family and being an artist is quite a theme. There are poets, painters, builders, decorators and actors. I feel blessed to have been exposed to art my whole life. The healing aspect of my life comes from both sides of my parents families this also seems very natural to me and complements well with the creative elements. My story is long, colorful, rough and then smooth later in life, I would not change this for anything.

2. How did you first begin experimenting with art?

I always made art. It has been the backbone of my being since I can remember. I never stopped doodling.

3. Describe your workspace:

A coastal loft space on the third level of my house, amongst the Tea Tree forest where I can see glimpses of the ocean.  I share this space with my partner who is a beat maker. 

4. Do you have a preferred medium?

I have a love for more that one medium as I enjoying creating multi dimensional imagery.  Ink and acrylic paint are being favored lately.

5. What creatives do you admire most?

Raw thinkers.

6. What are you currently working on?

I am working on creating healing codes, that can repair DNA. I’m also about to do a diploma in Sound Therapy, which is exciting.

7. Describe a typical day in the life of Bonnita Gillard?

Wake up at 5am most days to attend to my 2 kids.  Frantically pretend like I was destined to be a housewife.  Dream about finding a spare moment during the chaos to make some brush strokes! Collapse at 8:30pm & repeat!  I excel under creative pressure and deadlines. I can move creative mountains when required.

8. What is the most difficult thing about being an artist?

For me balancing family life and art is the most difficult part. I need to give them both quality time.

9. How long have you been Vegan & what lead you to the lifestyle?

I have been Vegan for 2 years.  I found this life style through embracing more raw food into my diet.  I was eating 95% raw and I was still incorporating the odd bit of fish before I went vegan. Then one day I woke and after a 3-month extreme detox, and I no longer felt I required any animal as I felt so alive.  I was a vegetarian for 5 years at one point on my journey and became extremely ill, which lead me to return to meat and I was so sad that I blind folded myself and ate a steak!  After going Vegan I realized that it was the dairy that was preventing me to absorb nutrients!  After accidently turning Vegan, I watched Earthlings and I have become passionate about the spiritual movement and do my best to share the reality.

10. Have you incorporated any cruelty-free themes into your work?

I have not made vegan specific imagery.  However, I do paint images of Hybrid creatures that are half animal / human. These interplanetary beings are from the future, where no harm to a sentient being exists.  There is no duality between animal and man.

11. Tell us your ‘go-to’ breakfast, lunch and dinner? 

Every morning I have a 1600 ml green smoothie that consists of: 10 Bananas , 10 dates, and half a bag of spinach.  I drink this until noon.  Then I may have more fruit or a salad for lunch.  I then have a high carb, low fat cooked meal or rice, pasta or roast potato’s with salad.

12. Do you have any advice for passionate creatives who haven't quite made it yet?

Not everyone is born with talent that comes easy.  However, you can be talented and not have the discipline / motivation to be a successful creative.

Hard work, consistency, research and development are the only way you will make your creative dream happen.  Most importantly, always dream big.

13. Where can we find more of your art?

You can purchase art here:
Instagram: @mamacitabonnita