So, it's the middle of Winter here in Australia and Mother Nature sure has made that extremely clear! With our days seemingly shorter and the temperature dropping, what better way to spend a Winter night than watching Netflix, wrapped in a blanket, with a bottomless cup of piping hot tea ... or is that just me? 

Which leads me to introduce our next feature, the delightful Cuppa + Co. First of all, can I just say, take look at that packaging . . . you may have heard this from me before, but I'll say it again – if I love your packaging, it is likely that I will buy your product. I am a sucker for anything visually appealing, which often leads me astray and I'll find myself buying new music purely for the album art (ahem.. don't judge a book by it's cover). I guess my point is that good design sells, and the brother/sister duo from Cuppa + Co have done a great job at combining beautiful packaging with a scrumptious product. They even came wrapped in 'brown paper packaging tied up with string' which was totally adorable. 

As a herbal tea lover, my favorite of the two was most definitely the Happy Hippie (organic chamomile + mint) though the earl grey is also beautiful and works a treat for a morning wake-up call. The teas are loose leaf so you will need to get yourself a cute teapot (which is a good idea in itself) or a single serving tea infuser. 

If you'd like to get hold of these teas, head to Cuppa + Co's website.

Amy x

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