A little while back whilst scrolling mindlessly through instagram, our attention was drawn to a beautiful silver ring stamped 'vegan' in dainty lettering. We immediately knew that we had to have one! Handmade by a lovely lady by the name of Charlotte, this business is a one-woman operation. Each ring is handmade and hand-stamped making every item unique. Finally, a stylish and delicate vegan jewellery line to get excited about! 

With such a huge collection of gemstone rings, you don't have to be a proud vegan to appreciate these rings. Charlotte also sells the likes of silver stacking rings, moonstones, sunstones, and all sorts of stunning stones. The rings come in such thoughtful packaging too, with zig zag recycled cardboard padding, hand stamped logos, a sparkly paper care guide, a mini drawstring bag, a cleaning wipe and is thats not enough - the ring was literally sitting amongst gorgeous flower petals! We turned the petals into potpourri.

To see more of this amazing line and buy yourself or a loved one a ring, head to 

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