Recently, we were lucky enough to introduce the drool-worthy skincare products from Oh Deer Sugar into our beauty regime. A package arrived at our door a few weeks ago, featuring a taste of their most treasured products. The creative force behind Oh Deer Sugar whipped up the first batch of sugar scrubs as DIY christmas gifts one year, and the concept grew from there (super inspiring!!). Oh Deer Sugar now create and sell deliciously fun & colourful vegan skincare, which is sure to brighten anybody's day.

We sent Oh Turkish Delight Face-Mask to trial first up; showcasing a deliciously sweet dessert-like scent, packed with goodness like white clay to draw the city smog out of your pores and vitamin C powder to leave your face feeling rejuvenated and bright. 

Next up was the Oh Zapper Almond & Cinnamon Body Scrub. This stuff smells divine!! Like the freshly baked vegan cinnamon donuts with a side of coffee for morning tea kind of DIVINE!! It feels amazing on dry wintery skin, leaving you with a softer, silkier kind. 

To top it all off we moisturised our rejuvenated skin with Oh Coco Loco Coconut & Vanilla Body Butter. A rich, thick, creamy body butter with a scent that slightly resembles a tropical summer holiday. This stuff is perfect for dry fragile skin, especially in cooler months or even to rejuvenate your skin after too much exposure to the sun.

Not only do they have an incredible range, but this female duo also have a super inspirational story. We just had to interview them to give you all a insight into their creative lives. 

1. Tell us about the history of Oh Deer Sugar – what led you to create your own skincare range?

It was Christmas time and funds were low so I looked up DIY craft Christmas ideas for my vegan girlfriend. After hours of brainstorming ideas, I ended up with an original body scrub recipe in scents of gingerbread, candy cane, lemon sorbet & strawberry filled in glass jars wrapped with brown string.
The ideas have continued on from there turning sweet favourites into facemasks, bath bombs and body butters.

2. How did you first begin experimenting in the skincare industry?

I’m a cook by trade so I naturally have the urge to experiment and push the boundaries. I raided my mum’s cupboards, collected silicone trays, jars & everything else I could get my hands on. I knew straight away that sugar was going to be the base ingredient for my scrubs so I added different oils and colours and tested it all on myself until I found the scents and textures that worked.

3. Describe a typical day behind the scenes of Oh Deer Sugar:

Every afternoon of every weekday (and sometimes early in the mornings on weekends) is consumed by Oh Deer Sugar. I have it down to a fine art now. I start by filling my 40 bath bomb moulds and leave them to set. I package orders from the night before – each package gets the famous Oh Deer Sugar wrapping, this is then followed by a quick dash to the post office. While doing all this, I have my body butter in the mixer, whipping itself into a thick, creamy texture. The next day will be exactly the same, except I’ll be making body scrubs or face masks in between packing orders.

4. Your whole range is cruelty-free & Vegan what were your main reasons behind this?

My girlfriend is a heavy influence on the creation of Oh Deer Sugar as she wanted to make the entire line vegan. Nikki goes to great lengths to ensure each and every ingredient contains no animal-derived ingredients and nothing is tested on animals. Nikki has strong beliefs that animals are not ours to take from or test on.

5. Where do you draw inspiration for the products?

My inspiration comes from my love of baking and creating unique flavours. Most of the food I create isn’t good for the stomach so I turn it into a product that is good for the skin instead. We all know Turkish Delight isn’t good for us…but a facemask that smells exactly like Turkish Delight and helps to eliminate oily skin is.

6. What are you looking forward to most at the moment?

At the moment we are looking forward to watching Oh Deer Sugar grow. We are focussing on seeing our range continue to expand with hair products, face sprays etc. The possibilities are endless.  We currently have 5 stockists in Adelaide and will be expanding interstate. Most of all Nikki and I would love to open a little shop of our own in Adelaide. 

7. Is there something you wish you had known about the skincare industry before you began?

 I wish I knew how time consuming it was. You dream about it, you think about it, you never stop. I think the antler logo is permanently embedded in my head! 

8. If Oh Deer Sugar did not yet exist, what skincare would you be using yourself?

Before Oh Deer sugar, I was quite naïve and only used raw coconut oil on my body. I was continuously hunting for that one facemask/face scrub that didn’t cause a reaction to my sensitive skin.

9. Who are the people that you most admire?

I admire my mum, she is never sitting still. She is always sewing, painting or creating something quirky & unique. She has always encouraged me to turn my ideas into something great and if that idea failed she would always reassure me by telling me ‘it doesn’t have to be perfect, it's handmade’.

10. What is your go-to lunch for busy days? 

I’m always on the hunt to find Veggie Velo. His kitchen is his famous grill plate bike that he rides around all over Adelaide. He serves up the freshest vegan burgers on the kickass Skala bakery buns. If I can’t track him down, I can always whip something up.

11. Do you have any advice for passionate creative’s who haven't quite made it yet?
Don’t give up. If its all you can think about, if it’s all you can picture yourself doing and you KNOW it’s a good idea then do whatever it takes to get you to where you want or need to be. 

12. Where can we purchase the Oh Deer Sugar range?

You can find us at 5 stores around Adelaide and we make regular appearances at Markets around Adelaide. Or head to www.ohdeersugar.com to purchase online. We ship worldwide. Vegancard holders get 10% off! 

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