We all know when that afternoon hunger arrives, our eternal search for a quick & healthy snack becomes a drag. We often find ourselves reaching for the closest edible morsel and gobbling it down before we take a second to think 'do i really need to eat this (insert unhealthy snack) right now?'. With the lack of options in many chain-stores today, the brother-sister duo behind Sticky's decided it was time to step in and create something energy dense, healthy, delicious and easy to munch down in seconds. Alas Sticky bars were created.

Today we received an adorable box filled with the delicious, organic, raw, vegan, nut bars from Stickys. We had the pleasure of taste-testing the line today and we have a few extras to give away to one lucky reader.

STICKY COCONUT: Dates, coconut flakes, vanilla & coconut oil.
They taste deliciously similar to the 'coconut-rough' but they're healthy!! The texture of these bad boys are soft yet firm enough to have some 'bite' to it. Not too sticky either - like the name suggests. This makes us happy because having sticky fingers isn't always a fun time…… 

STICKY NUTS: Hazelnuts, dates, apricots, almonds, walnuts, agave.
A nutty nut bar, with a lovely fruity zing. Not uncomfortably chunky like some bars - just the right texture. 

STICKY BANANA: Bananas, walnuts, agave, almond meal, coconut flakes, cinnamon.
With a whopping 50% banana, this is hands down our favourite of the bunch!! SO yummy, it's a perfectly packaged morsel of dried banana, cinnamon and nuts. Dried bananas are a favourite here at TLS & this bar tastes extremely similar, but better. It's rich, chewy, dense… let's just say we didn't want it to end.

STICKY BERRY: Dates, cranberries, macadamias, almonds, coconut flakes, almond meal.
This is a lovely little bar with a subtle berry bite. It leaves a nice aftertaste which of course had us craving more.

STICKY ORANGE/CACAO: Dates, cacao nibs, hazelnuts, apricots, coconut flakes, orange rind.
Ok so if you could imagine a nutty Jaffa - this is what it would taste like. A healthy, nutty Jaffa - but richer in the choc/orange department. Very yummy indeed.

There you have it guys - delicious little snack bars that are vegan, organic, healthy and energy dense. Pick yourself up some at STICKYS or win yourself a packet right now!! 


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Good luck people! WINNER HAS NOW BEEN DRAWN.

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