Valentines day generally gets quite a bad wrap! Invented by Hallmark as a money maker which not only wastes billions of dollars annually, but also leaves many women (and men) feeling sad and unappreciated . . . who would want to participate in such a thing? 

Well the alchemist's over at Luminance Skincare have come up with a beautiful way to share the love on valentines day by not only providing your loved ones with gifts, but also to help those in need. A fundraiser for young adults who've grown up in the foster care system. They have chosen to direct the majority of the profit from these valentines soaps ($14) to a local program called Beyond Emancipation. This program provides amazing services to help these wonderful young people transition into adulthood. 

These new valentines day soaps come in gorgeous heart shapes, smelling of lush ginger & peach. They are deeply hydrating, nourishing to the skin and lather up like shaving cream for a wonderful rash-free armpit shave. The recipe contains 9 plant and seed oils, completely non-toxic, and hand-made without any synthetic ingredients. Oh and of course they are 100% cruelty free and vegan!

So go ahead and support those in need whilst treating yourself (or your loved ones) to a beautiful set of nourishing soaps this valentines day. Then perhaps the day won't feel so drab!

Read more about Beyond Emancipation HERE
Buy yourself some soaps HERE

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