Being vegan, people often ask 'do you crave non-vegan foods?' with the assumption that we would buckle at the sight of a mars bar. The truth is, most of us don't crave anything 'non-vegan', because we have managed to 'veganise' everything that omnivores eat. Some may exclaim that veganising omni food defeats the purpose – but in fact it does the exact opposite. Many of us were raised eating meat, dairy, fish, eggs etc. and decided to give those things up due to the horrors of the animal agriculture industry and the destruction of the environment. In which case, there are many vegans that may have enjoyed specific foods that we no longer feel comfortable eating and/or purchasing.

Luckily, for those who aren't yet masters in the kitchen – there are now many companies such as Vegan Made Delights, who have mastered the art of veganising non-vegan treats. More specifically: chocolate coated rose turkish delight! Now if there was ever a non-vegan food that we wish we could devour, it would be these bad boys – and now we can.

To get hold of some of these squares of yum for yourself, head to their website and have them shipped straight to your door! Easy as pie!

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