Alana & Chris

I was so excited to hear that Alana and Chris were getting married. These two have become wonderful friends of mine since I relocated to Melbourne, so when they asked me to capture some portraits of them after the ceremony I jumped at the chance. The whole wedding came together with the help of their own little community of family and friends. Lots of handmade, makeshift, secondhand or borrowed items - including Alana's gorgeous dress which was handmade by Mathieu Salem using secondhand crochet doilies, and Chris shirt which was created by Jodii Ruggero. The rings were designed by the couple themselves, representing the sun and the moon. Alana's beautiful hair was done by the excellent Ginger Light and flowers by North St Flowers.


Alana and Chris are such a perfectly matched couple, the love radiating out of them on the day of their wedding was phenomenal, I enjoyed every minute of it. xo

Amy Sinclair